Call for papers

Delegates are welcome to submit an extended (3 – 4 pages) abstract on sport economics.
The following list illustrates, but does not exhaust, possible topics: Sports participation and health, leagues and competition, tournaments, gender similarities and differences in sport, performance and efficiency of sport clubs, investment and stock return of sport clubs, stadium attendance and/or television demand, labour market, electronic sports.

Each abstract should contain
1) motivation, purpose of the paper
2) theoretical and/or empirical description
3) main results
Participation of interested researchers, policy makers and practitioners from all countries are welcome.

The conference language is English.
All abstracts (word, pdf), full papers (word, pdf) and presentations (powerpoint, pdf) are to be sent as follows:
1) If  you have a Gmail address, you can upload the files to google-drive
     Name the files as follows: last name/ESEA/Helsinki
2) If you don´t have a Gmail address and wish to create it, upload your
    files thereafter to google drive.

3)  If you don´t have a Gmail  and don´t want to create it, files can be sent by e-mail to

     Name the presentation as follows: last name/ESEA/Helsinki
Abstracts can be uploaded/ sent until March 15, 2021.

Each paper will be allocated 25 – 30 minutes including a presentation by the authors and general discussion. All classrooms at Haaga-Helia have a computer with Windows 10 and MS Office package and data projector. Own computers can be used if necessary but a memory stick will be useful.

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